Co-Teaching in the Classroom: An Introduction


This website is meant to give all those interested an introduction to and overview of co-teaching – a model of educational instruction that is working its way into classrooms across the nation. I believe, if executed correctly, that this model has the potential to be an effective way to educate all students while maintaining high expectations and delivering best practices rooted in research and theory.

This project originated in an undergraduate education class at Duke University where we were instructed to choose a topic related to education that interested us for our final project. So, why did I choose co-teaching? As a senior in college, I am facing the next step in my life. I am extremely excited to begin working as a teacher– more specifically, a co-teacher– in New York City. I had heard mixed reviews of co-teaching prior to receiving my offer, but as I progressed through my service-learning requirement for my education class in Durham and reflected on my interview day and classroom observations at my future place of employment, I realized that co-teaching provided an amazing opportunity for both students and teachers. So, as I considered topics, I realized that exploring the theories and rationale behind co-teaching would be an interesting and relevant topic to pursue.

As a result of this project, this website was created. It is my goal that any who come across this website will take the time to browse the site and learn more about what co-teaching has to offer for both students and teachers. The site explores the history of co-teaching, reasons for using the co-teaching model, applications of theory to co-teaching models, who and when one might consider a co-teaching model, and other important aspects of co-teaching models. While the website does address certain characteristics of a co-teaching relationship, this site does not attempt to describe how to implement a co-teaching model in a classroom; however, during my research I did come across many sources that addressed such matters. These resources are listed on the “Additional Resources” page. To the highest extent possible, all posts are based on existing research and writings related to co-teaching. A list of these resources is also available for those who wish to read the original sources and find out even more about this model of instruction and the data that exists.


Happy learning!